Rimfire Benchrest


Rimfire Benchrest matches at Angelina Rifle and Pistol Club Range are on the second Saturday of each month from February to November.

The matches will be held at the ARPC Rimfire Benchrest Range.

The range will open for practice at approximately 8:00 A.M. and the matches will begin around 9:00 A.M. We may start early in the summer months due to the heat and later in the winter months if we have very cold weather.   Normally the range gate will be open by about 7:30 A.M. Any shooter who enters the ARPC premises agrees to abide by and is subject to all ARPC rules.   It is the shooter’s responsibility to be aware of those rules.

Only .22 rimfire guns are to be fired on the rimfire benchrest range.  Only guns that are already on target should be fired at this range, for safety reasons it is important that shooters only shoot guns that will impact the berm behind the targets. NO SHOOTING AT ANYTHING OTHER THAN A POSTED TARGET ON A TARGET STAND AT THIS RANGE.

Matches will be run with safety in mind.  No gun shall be brought to the firing line with the bolt inserted. Bolts will be inserted upon command. Any shooter who engages in unsafe behavior and fails to follow range commands may be subject to ejection from the match.

The USBR target will be used and scored in accordance with USBR rules.

These classes will be definitely held, per USBR rules:

  • Unlimited:  any .22 rifle of any weight, front and back rests may connect
  • Custom:  any .22 rifle which weighs no more than 10.5 pounds ready to shoot
  • Sporter:  any .22 rifle which has a stock with a convex surface at the point of rest, is as from the factory with factory parts, and weighs no more than 8.5 pounds ready to shoot

These classes will be held if 5 or more shooters compete:

  • Plinker: any .22 rifle per the USBR rules
  • Factory Stock Unlimited: any .22 rifle of any weight as from the factory

Targets will be scored by the competitor.  However, the three highest scoring targets and any other targets scored within three points of the lowest of them will be scored or checked by match officials to verify the accuracy of the score.

Awards will be given to the three highest scorers in the Unlimited, Custom, and Sporter classes.  Awards will be given to the winners of the Plinker and Factory Stock Unlimited Classes.

Trophies will be provided to the winners in Unlimited, Custom, and Sporter classes provided the winner has not been previously given a trophy in that class. All other winners will receive a certificate or diploma which can be kept in a three-ring notebook.

High aggregate scores will be treated the same as other classes, and trophies or certificates awarded in the same manner.

In calculating winners for the year in each class and for aggregate scoring a shooter may miss two matches or drop his lowest scores for two matches.

The November match will be best of two targets in each class, with the shooter able to use his higher score.  The November match result in each class and the aggregate score in that match will count double for the awards for the year.  Plinker and Factory Stock Unlimited Classes will be shot at the November match only if those classes have been shot at all matches during the year, and only one target will be shot in those classes in November.

  • entry fees are $5 per class for ARPC members and $7 per class for non-members. Entry fees for optional classes will be as determined by the Match Director based on turnout
  • drinks will be provided at each match with contributions for cost
  • a lunch meal will be provided at the last match of the year, free of charge to shooters
  • special or novelty matches may be held on some match dates after the regular matches, except for November. No awards will be given but cash entry fees paid out 50/30/20
  • cash-can participation will be available, but not mandatory, at each match except for November for each competitor in Unlimited, Custom, and Sporter classes. Cash entry fees paid out 50/30/20


The results of each match will be provided within a reasonable time, usually within two days after the match.  They will be posted on the ARPC site.  Once they are posted any competitor who desires to contest or correct any posted score has 72 hours to give notice to the Match Director.  After the time for contest or correction is over all scores are final.

The 2016 Match Director is Tom Rorie.  Please consult the match rules on the ARPC site and the USBR rules before calling with any question about the rules used in our matches.

We expect all competitors to help new shooters enjoy our matches.  Anyone without experience in firearms competition is encouraged to notify the match director prior to coming to a match. Mentors may be available to help new shooters learn how to compete, the equipment needed, how to set up for a match, and how to score a target.

Our matches have a tradition of spirited but friendly competition. We expect all our competitors, new and old, to continue that tradition.